CraftLight MC

Our Minecraft server has a variety of things to do. From minigames to standard survival, you'll have lots to do.

We have over 11 minigames such as Skywars, Survival games, or even Splegg. The Survival server has realistic mechanics and many changes to reflect reality. For example, you can crawl on command. If you feel like throwing your sword, go ahead! Minigames are all custom-made to your liking. They are constantly tweaked and improved to provide the best experience we can. Our build team makes stunning maps to play on and lobbies to chill in.

Minigames / Gamemodes:


Survive with realistic mechanics and new items.


Build with others and protect your creations.


Live in the sky with little resources.


Work your way up the ranks and eventually escape.


Battle against three other teams while trying not to fall or die.


Make players fall out of the map while trying not to fall yourself.

Survival Games

Find weapons and tools around the map and battle against everyone else.


CraftLight MC's community is welcoming and accommodating to you and others. Need assistance? Want to chat? Go ahead and ask! We'll gladly help and chat with each other.

Why be rude? Nobody will bully you, call you names, or anything of that nature. From the active staff that monitor chat, to bots and filters that do it for them, you will be safe talking and interacting with everyone. Someone acting rude? Just report them to a staff member, and we will take care of it. If you need help building Ask someone! There will always be someone there to help or chat with you. Make sure to join the Discord to get as much as possible out of us.


There are many features and mechanics in all of the servers. They have realism, classic mechanics, and much, much more.

Our build team carefully and skillfully builds all maps and environments. They are based around realism and nature and are very polished while still being easy to walk through and navigate. The survival server tries to keep it vanilla while keeping it fresh. There are many new mechanics ranging from realism to new blocks and items. The creative server offers everything a creative world would, but with the added feature of creation protection. Just claim your area and start building! Fallout Salvation provides an experience from Fallout but in Minecraft! Extreme realism and many new items and mechanics make you feel like you're playing blocky Fallout. Many plugins are made from scratch by the managers.

Mechanics, Gimmicks, and Info:


Every world/map is built by the build team. Music player: Custom music is constantly added.
Skill/Time based ranks: The better and more you play, the more you get.


Vanilla-based survival with added mechanics.
Realism: Crawl at any time, cave-ins, decay, tree falling, natural grass growth, thirst.
Mechanics: New crafting recipes, new enchants, tweaked effects, + more.


Standard creative with protections and unique map.
Protections: Protect your creations from other people, or allow certain friends to help.
Map: 5000x5000 realistic map with build areas and biomes.

Fallout Salvation

Fallout-like experience in Minecraft.
Map: 5000x5000 quest world, 25000x25000 survival world with custom world generation.
Realism: Extremely realistic and Fallout-like mechanics, feel, and experience.
Mechanics: Unique mechanics ranging from exaustion, thirst, climbing, quests, and much more.
Items + Blocks: Many new items and blocks to bring an authentic Fallout experience to Minecraft.


Now that you know about CraftLight MC, why don't you join? All info is in the table below. If you have any questions, join our Discord and ask away!

More information, rules, and the wiki are in the Servers tab in the navigation bar. The live map is also there, so check it out! Make sure to join the server first, though! Version 1.8.X might be supported, but is untested and may not provide the best gameplay experience, as the server is built for 1.14+.

Server Info:

Supported Versions

1.13 - 1.15.2. The latest version is supported ASAP.




Join our Discord.